Friday, 22 September 2017

How to Cut Half Your Sugar Intake

How to Cut Half Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is a sneaky enemy. As the seasons change it can be easy to let sugar creep back into our diet with seasonal snacks. But the risks far outweigh the benefits. If you are overindulging obesity, diabetes, and other diseases can become risk factors for you. Plus no one likes to have a sugar crash! Making these surprising changes can help you cut your sugar intake by half!

1)  Cut Out Health Bars

Breakfast bars are a quick way to have breakfast on the go, but unfortunately, hide extra sugars. This can lead to a sugar crash mid-morning and overindulge at lunch. Instead of grabbing a breakfast bar, go for a handful of nuts and a few raisins or pieces of dried fruit. The fruit and raisins contain sugar, but of the naturally occurring variety.

2) Watch the Sauce

I don’t know about you, but when I have a sauce that seems heavy on veggies, like pasta sauce, I usually don’t think of sugar. But store-bought pasta sauces are known to contain a ton of added sugars. Make sure that you are reading the labels as you shop and look for the cans that have less sugar. Even better? Make your own at home.

3) Swap Sugar For Seasonings

If you like to have oatmeal in the morning, try switching out the sugar for cinnamon! It adds a spicy kick and tricks your taste buds into thinking that the oats are sweeter than they really are. This works with almost any breakfast food.

4) Keep a Food Diary

With our busy lives, it is hard to even remember what we ate throughout the day! Take a small food diary with you and write down everything you eat for a week. This will show you where your temptations are and at what time of day. From there you can make an educated plan of attack to keep sugar out of your daily routines.

5) Say No to Fruit Juice

You may think that you are still being healthy by choosing fruit juice but the sad truth is fruit juice often packs a punch of sugar, especially if you are getting it from concentrate. An easy fix is to swap out the sugary juice for sparkling water with fresh fruit cut into it. You still get a hint of the fruitiness without all the added sugar.

Cutting out sugar from your diet may seem impossible to do alone. Luckily, that’s where Emulin+ comes in! Check out all the benefits Emulin+ can have for you and your health!

Friday, 15 September 2017

5 Mantras For A Healthy Life

5 Mantras For A Healthy Life

Health is not only about the body you are in. At iGalen we are focused on your holistic health. To heal your body and understand it you often have to learn to control your mind first.

Mantras are repetitive words or phrases to focus on that can turn your stress reactions down during the day. Some use them for meditation practises but you can focus on them during your normal routine whenever you feel your stress response creeping up on. They are great because you can say them in your head, out loud in front of a mirror, when you wake up in bed, literally anywhere. Feel free to experiment with what works best for you.

1) “Today I have done really well.  I do not need to be perfect.”

This one is very calming for work and personal life. This mantra focuses on bringing you into a state of calm by pointing out that everything doesn't need to be done at this moment. This is perfect for the chronic worrier. Just because you have a lot of tasks on your plate, doesn't mean that you need to feel overwhelmed to be productive. You are enough. You have done enough today. Breathe.  

2) “Stress is not my friend, I am capable of acknowledging small joys.”

Sometimes it feels like if we remain stressed we are doing our best job. Society makes it seem like in order to be a success you must always be super busy. It’s not true! You can be a great boss, parent, or friend without being a micromanager. As you go through your day, notice where your stress response peaks. Is it worth it? Most likely not. Focus on this mantra and the little parts of your day that make living worth it. You deserve to slow down and take time for the small joys.

3) “I change my thoughts, I change my world.”

This one is simple, but it packs a punch. This is one of the deepest truths you can ever find out for yourself. If you are positive in your life, good things will come to you. Being negative or dwelling on stress can hurt your mental and physical health. Once you have a grasp of your own thoughts you can start to change the world with your positivity.

4) “Keep your head up and your heart open.”

This mantra is particularly good for when you are going through difficult times. In the midsts of tragedy or loss it is hard to see the light. By repeating this phrase you are opening your heart back up to love, even if it feels like you never will again. You can also pair this mantra with deep breathing and meditation for best results.

Now that you are feeling positive and ready for anything it is time to take on your health. Emulin+ can help you with those goals! Check out all the benefits Emulin+ can have for you and your health!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Eating Well In The Summer

Summer is the best season of the year no doubt. There are a million reasons why, from the great weather to the longer days. Summer is also an amazing time to focus on your health and wellness. With so many local and fresh foods available it is a great time to fight inflammation with what you choose to nourish yourself with.

Seasonal Foods

During the summer months, there is an abundance of fresh and convenient foods to eat. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful and more available this time of year. With more foods available that also drives down the cost, so you can eat healthfully even if you are on a budget. Try cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, apricots, strawberries, and beets to start!

Not only is it more convenient and affordable it is also more nourishing for your body. Most packaging and shipping of foods can lead to a loss in the nutrient value. With fresh local food, you don't have to worry about this in the summer at all!

Outdoor Activities

Get out there and play! Go hike, bike, swim, kayak, run, or even just walk on the beach. Your body will thank you for investing time to unwind in activity.

Make sure that you are hydrating heavily so that you can replenish the water you are losing, especially in hot weather. You can also invest in wicking workout clothes that will keep you dry in the summer heat.

Fighting Inflammation

Exposure to toxins (pesticides, cigarette smoke, alcohol, chemicals in processed foods, refined oils, refined salt and refined sugar), stress, lack of exercise and genetic predispositions can all contribute to inflammation.

In summer you can fight these more easily with regular exercise and eating those awesome summer fruits and veggies we mentioned above. Take control of your health this summer!

Now is the time to get out there and have the best summer ever. Emulin+ can help! Check out all the benefits Emulin+ can have for you and your health!

Friday, 25 August 2017

4 Ways To Cut Sugar This Week

By now you have probably heard about the dangers of sugar in your diet. Obesity, diabetes, and all sorts of diseases have been tied up with treating yourself too frequently to sweets. Even if you aren’t facing any health challenges now, it is important to try to cut down on sugar for your health in the long run. Here are some easy ways that you can eat less sugar this week!

1)  Don’t Keep Sugary Foods In Your House

If it is in your house, you will eat it. Maybe you will be able to curb your sweet tooth for a couple of days but that tub of ice cream in the freezer is eventually going to wear you down. Make it easy for yourself by not buying it in the first place!

2) Cut out Soda

Easier said than done, we know. But soda contains so much sugar that it really isn’t worth it. An easy fix is to swap out the sugary soda for sparkling water with a lime or lemon. It gives you the same fizz without the huge sugar intake.

3) Make Homemade Salad Dressing

Sugar is sneaky. You might think that you are being ‘good’ by having a salad for lunch but watch out! Sugar is lurking in your favorite salad dressings. Here is a great sugar-free recipe you can make ahead and keep for delicious healthy salads:

Mix together:
  1. 1/4 cup red wine vinegar.
  2. 2 tablespoons dijon mustard.
  3. 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Zest and juice of 1 lemon (about 4 tablespoons juice and 3 teaspoons zest)
  5. 1 clove garlic, finely minced OR 1 teaspoon garlic powder.
  6. 1 tablespoon honey.
  7. 1 teaspoon salt.
  8. 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

It’s that simple!

4) Avoid Processed Foods

Remember that practically everything that comes in a box, bag, or package will have added sugar. Stick to the produce section of the grocery store and stay away from the middle of the store where the highly processed foods usually are. Don’t be tempted!

We know that the road to a sugar-free life is not always an easy one to follow. Luckily, that’s where Emulin+ comes in! Check out all the benefits Emulin+ can have for you and your health!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Emulin+ - Safe for Children

We all agree we all need to eat a healthy diet and should do a better job of policing what goes into our mouths. But this applies even more so to our children. With their actively developing bodies, kids need an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients (which come from healthy fruits and vegetables), protein, and moderate amounts of carbohydrates and fat.

Unfortunately, the world screams at us, often with deceptive healthy-sounding marketing, to feed our kids massive amounts of carbohydrates and processed foods. And for the most part, these foods are convenient and cheap. And because of the massive amounts of processed sugar we find in these foods, they taste great to kids, as well as to us! How easy it is to open a box of pre-sweetened cereal for kids at breakfast, or quiet a child by punching open a “juice” box (which often contains no juice at all!).

Most of the foods available to us are processed which has removed many healthy attributes, and added unhealthy ones. Even organic fruits and vegetables have been bred in such a way as to accidentally contain not enough vitamins and minerals, while focusing on size, color, and increased sugar content. After having been unwittingly raised on processed foods with excessive carbohydrates, kids may refuse to eat anything but processed sugary foods. This has resulted in an obesity/diabetes epidemic among our children. Just a few decades ago, the amount of refined sugar consumed by children was 1/10 of what it is today. And as most people are aware, refined sugar has been identified as a substance that our bodies perceive as a poison. We, and especially our kids, are constantly bombarding our system with what it thinks is a poison. The result is a constant low-grade inflammation, which ultimately leads to a deterioration of tissue, and can eventually produce health and life threatening diseases such as diabetes.

In 2007, two Nobel Prize nominees made an amazing discovery. Plants that have a high sugar load, such as pineapple, sugarcane, and citrus, also contain natural compounds that supervise, manage, and chaperone sugar metabolism in our bodies. When consumed together (the natural unprocessed sugar in foods along with the chaperones), the sugar is not identified by our bodies as a poison, but naturally directed away from places it should not be (such as hanging around in our bloodstream or being quarantined in fat tissue) and directed toward where it should be (such as our brain and muscle tissue). This is the way nature intended us to consume carbohydrates. In moderation, unprocessed, and along with these natural chaperones, which does not lead to inflammation. According to these scientists, if this discovery had been made 50 years ago, these natural compounds, trade-named Emulin®, would have been classified as vitamins.

Emulin® is now available as a supplement to consume along with a healthy diet and exercise. Because of the massive amounts of processed sugars hidden in foods (making it very difficult to put together a healthy diet), and as well that these chaperones have been accidentally bred out of the fruits and vegetables available to us today, everyone needs Emulin® supplementation, especially our children. Emulin® is not an “adjunct” or something that is added to our food to overcome a poor diet. It should naturally be there. Now you can put it back. It is extracted from healthy natural products and concentrated so that you can get the amount you need, as nature intended. Since nature itself intended us to have Emulin® in our diets in order to healthily digest sugars, it is safe for everyone, including children and nursing mothers.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Stay Active While on Vacation: Here’s How!

There’s nothing better than taking a break from your 9-5 job, parental duties, or even just your daily obligations by taking a much-needed vacation; but as we all can attest, vacations often derail our health and fitness goals by providing us with an excuse to, well, make excuses and slack off. These days, there’s no reason why your vacation can’t be both an escape AND an opportunity to take the time to remain consistent with your fitness goals. Here are 4 tips on how you can make the most of your well-deserved time away.

Travel With Active Friends
They key to staying active while on a trip is to travel with people who share the same intention of mixing fitness and fun. Invite friends who prefer to walk everywhere rather than take public transportation or someone who would be up for an adventurous day hike. Like-minded travel buddies will keep you motivated and on-track with your health and fitness routine and ultimately help you enjoy your trip even more!

Consider the Amenities
Many modern-day hotels and resorts provide a wide variety of fitness-related amenities outside of their regular gym or fitness center. Before you book your accommodations, check to see if the hotel offers classes like yoga, cycling or Zumba or if they have on-site tennis courts, golf courses or other active outdoor activities. Having these types of easily accessible amenities will make the decision to get out and be active a no-brainer! 

Work Out Early
If you’re used to waking up early and working out before your day starts then this won’t be an issue. If you’re not, then the morning workout will be just what you need in order to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of fitness in. When we’re on vacation, the days tend to get away from us; we have every intention of working out later in the day and then all of a sudden it’s time to go to bed. Avoid this scenario by making your mornings about taking care of yourself and getting the exercise you need to power you through your day.

Find a Healthy Balance
We get it. Vacations are meant to be relaxing. You’re supposed to allow yourself to sleep in, enjoy a cocktail by the pool and explore the new surroundings. True vacations are about giving your body what it needs so don’t get down on yourself if you skip a day of working out. While fitness is important, wellness is just as imperative to a healthy and happy life.

What are some of your favorite activities to do while on vacation! Share them with us on our Facebook page here:

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Six Foods That Help Fight Inflammation

Persistent inflammation has been linked to major diseases like diabetes, heart disease, depression, and even cancer. Refined carbohydrates, sweetened beverages, and red meat are some common culprits that contribute to inflammation and should be limited in one’s diet as much as possible but did you know that there are foods that have anti-inflammatory effects as well? Here are 6 foods to add to your diet to combat inflammation.

The lycopene found in tomato skin is an antioxidant that protects your brain and fights depression-causing inflammation. Even if you’re not a fan of raw tomatoes, you can still get all the benefits from processed versions. Raw or saucy, you win!

Olive Oil
On top of the weight loss benefits and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, olive oil has a significant impact on reducing inflammation. It helps to reduce joint cartilage damage and works similarly to ibuprofen by preventing the production of inflammatory enzymes.

Green Leafy Vegetables
Greens that are rich in vitamins like spinach, brussel sprouts and kale are also packed with carotenoids, all of which help the body combat inflammation. Additionally, many of these veggies help boost metabolism, provide antioxidants, and significantly decrease the risk of cancer and chronic diseases.

On top of the antioxidants and vitamins, nuts contain ALA which are anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts are the best sources of ALA, antioxidants, and oleic acid which helps to boost your immune system.

Fatty Fish
Fatty fish is full of anti-inflammatory omega-3s. Wild salmon, in particular, gives you the fatty acids EPA and DHA which combat excess inflammation by enhancing your muscles' ability to use carbs for energy, burn fat, and boosts your metabolism. 

Anthocyanin is what make blueberries so effective at reducing inflammation by turning off immune and inflammatory genes. These tasty, antioxidant- filled snacks are also rich in vitamin C which provide and anti-inflammatory response by decreasing free radicals.

In sum, there are a variety of healthy, anti-inflammatory foods that you can incorporate into your diet. Stay tuned for an extended list and more helpful information on how you can fight inflammation by following us on Facebook!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Fighting the Sugar Monster

The harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. Numerous studies have connected sugar intake with premature aging, heart disease, obesity and even cancer. It seems simple enough to say, “Ok, I’ll quit sugar” but when it comes down to it, the cravings are often too difficult to endure long term. We’ve put together a short list of how you can fight the sugar monster and kick the sugar habit for good!

Avoid Processed Foods. Sugar consumption activates the part of your brain that produces dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter. When we stop eating sugar, we feel a bit a down because we are quite literally coming off of a sugar high. Avoiding processed foods will help you beat the addiction to sugar and ultimately naturally restore your dopamine levels.

Boost Serotonin. This happiness hormone can be increased by getting good sleep, physical activity, and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. More serotonin means a diminished sugar craving! 

Drink Plenty of Water. Sometimes when you’re craving sugar your body is actually dehydrated. Next time your sweet tooth hits, try drinking 8 oz of water instead. You’ll be amazed at how effective this is!

Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable. Eat small meals throughout the day instead of larger portions 2-3 times a day to avoid dips in blood sugar. This will keep you satisfied, help produce more serotonin, and help you sleep better at night.

Eat Plenty of Greens. Greens are loaded with full-feeling fiber keeping you satisfied throughout the day. Additionally, they are loaded with vitamins that will help to boost your energy and reduce sugar cravings.

If you’re having trouble fighting your sugar cravings, try these simple tips and let us know what you think! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

5 Reasons Why I Left Corporate America to Take Control of My Life

Upon taking inventory of my life, I had checked all of the boxes. I went to college, bought a house, made great money at a notable company… but I was still unhappy. Every Monday was just a desperate race to the weekend and at the age of 35, I decided that I simply did not want to live like that any longer. So, instead of taking everyone’s advice to grin and bear it, I quit. Crazy as it seems, here’s why:

1. The sky was not the limit.

The glass ceiling is real and fitting in at work is directly correlated with how far up the ladder you go. I was good at what I did but it seemed that co-workers who were otherwise my equals had a clearer and less obstructed path to success. Was it because of their connections, educations, or backgrounds? Perhaps, and that’s alright, but I didn’t want my potential for success to be limited by factors outside of my control. Having met this conclusion, I knew I had to take charge of my professional destiny and take a leap of faith not only for myself but for my family.

2. I wanted to decide how much I made.

I made great money with my employer; enough that anyone else would likely be satisfied to continue doing the job. However, the work I was doing was generating an exponentially larger amount for the company than what I was being paid. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted someone to decide how much I was worth while reaping the benefits of my hard work and effort. It was time to take back the power and make that decision for myself because I know I'm worth so much more and my dreams deserve to come true.

3. I wanted financial security.

I don’t like to worry about money and I bet you don’t either. It’s possible to build a comfortable savings as a salaried employee but it’s so much more appealing to have control over my income potential and thus the amount of wealth I can build. If I ventured out on my own and ran my own business, I would have control over finances, the amount I was able to save, and the wealth I could ultimately accumulate as the compound effect could turn into a residual, which to me is more secure than wondering if I was going to see my next pay cheque from my employer. It was a no-brainer.

4. I wanted to manage my own time.

Corporate jobs tend to treat you like you’re at their mercy for x-amount of hours of the day. You ask them for time off for appointments, vacations, sick days, etc. because those are the established rules which, in any case, is fine. I believe in working hard and getting the job done right… and then carrying on with the rest of my day. Owning my own business allows me to finally own my time. It’s liberating and guilt free.

5. I deserved more from life.

When it comes to a job, I think everyone should find what works for them and do it whether that be in corporate America or otherwise. For me, I choose to work for myself, free of limits on my
financial security, time, income, and success. At my corporate job, I was never going to reach my full potential working for someone else. Today, I have the power and control to make the most of my days working towards my personal and professional goals and enjoying a job well done. To me, this is the most important and valuable thing I can do for myself and my family.

I bet on myself, and at first, it felt like it was a risky move, but it has given me more freedom, growth, and happiness than I could have imagined. Today, I am a distributor for iGalen, with the world’s first patented and all-natural carb manager as our flagship product and the lineup of what's to come made it even more exciting! Whether I’m helping my downline grow their individual businesses and become leaders, or spreading the message about the incredible health benefits of iGalen products, I find so much satisfaction every day to be living a life where I am able to live a life free of limitations both personally and professionally just by people helping people. Being effective in other's lives is so rewarding!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Healthy Eating

For decades, we have heard the same advice over and over again:

“To lose weight you need to eat less and move more.”

“A calorie is a calorie. Your calories out need to be greater than your calories in.”

“You need to avoid fat to be healthy.”

“Everything in moderation.”

Now, if it was all true, why is our country’s waistline still swollen? Why has the number of cases of diabetes increased along with the number of gym memberships? Why are children being diagnosed with type 2 adult onset diabetes? Has the advice our medical doctors been giving us since the 1970’s be wrong?

New studies are saying YES! All the years of avoiding fat like the plague has caused us to overlook the overconsumption of another deadly ingredient…. SUGAR!! When food producers began the “fat-free” movement, They needed to make their products more palatable and as you can see all over billboards and advertisements that sugar was the answer. From cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup, they began to drown their nutritionally degraded products in the sweet stuff. What we discovered was that it made food taste amazing! So what’s the problem? The problem is the way our body reacts to these refined sugars.

Our bodies see sugar as a toxin and it doesn’t metabolize it efficiently in such high doses. It has a unique physiological, metabolic and hormonal effect on our bodies. All this sugar in the body causes an inflammatory response. This chronic inflammation can lead to such health conditions as insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, gout, irritable bowel syndrome, varicose veins, and the list goes on. 

Emulin+ is The world’s 1st patented and natural carb manager. It contains a botanical mix called Emulin® that helps your body manage refined carbohydrates and sugars. Have questions? We have answers here.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Pros of Quitting Sugar

Sugar… it’s everywhere. Sugar is one of the most consumed products in the world. It’s become a daily staple, it’s practically a new food group. Given the plethora amount of diseases and health conditions sugar is linked to, it can be extremely difficult to kick the “sweet cocaine” habit. The commercial industry has trained us to not only prefer the taste of sugar, but also to crave it. So, what happens to our bodies can we give up sugar?

  1. Better dental health - sugar increases tooth decay and other dental problems. Kicking the sugar habit will help protect your gums and pearly whites.
  2. Better sleep - increased sugar consumption can cause sleep disturbances.
  3. Improved digestive health - sugar has been linked to constipation. Giving up sugar means you’ll be visiting the bathroom more frequently, which is a good thing!
  4. Healthier heart - lowering your sugar intake can also lower heart attack risks.
  5. Healthier skin - not only can acne be linked to sugar intake, but wrinkles are exacerbated by the sweet stuff. Most vulnerable to damage are collagen and elastin. These protein fibres are responsible for keeping your skin firm and elastic.
  6. More energy - that all too infamous 'sugar crash'. Not only will sugar have you flying high one moment, then  in a tailspin the next moment, it decreases your body’s ability to keep energy stores high.
  7. Decrease cancer risk- sugar has been linked to feeding cancer cells. Allowing them to thrive and multiply.
  8. Slimmer waistline - increasing good fats, protein and complex carbohydrates can help get you off the roller coaster of fluctuating weight and on track to more stable weight.
  9. Protects the liver - excessive glucose and fructose is toxic and can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver.
  10. Feeling more satisfied after eating - sugar consumption can cause resistance to leptin, the hormone that signals your brain that you're full.

With such a long list of health benefit, why wouldn't you want to get rid of that pesky sweet tooth? Unfortunately, with a substance more addictive than cocaine, it can be tough to do. But that’s where Emulin+ can help.